Sunday, November 23, 2008

Effects Animation


My first water effects animation. It captured really light so hopefully you can see it ok. There is an unintentional horizon line shift at the end with the ripples but you might not have even noticed it if I hadn't said anything.


cheryl said...

That's cool! In only 2 seconds there was a lot of action! I saw the ripple effect.

I like the new log of your blog.

Glad you changed it so that we just add our name to leave a post. Everytime I had to type in my email address (twice), password (twice) and that security word...which I got wrong half the time. I like things brain is getting to old to figure this stuff out!! Now if you were using tapes...piece of cake (lol)

Keep your work coming...I enjoy looking at it.

Anonymous said...


I tried to see the horizontal line but I couldn't. I guess your know whats not suppose to be there.

You can change your blog face anytime with those templates and you won't lose anything on your blogspot. so when your tired of this one or going to start a new blog page you can chose another one.

Harriet said...

anonymous from the last blog was me.....Harriet...I don't know what happened.

Its sure nice seeing your work. I read your blogspot everyday.Maybe Jon would let us see alittle of his too.

Anita said...

Blogs can be confusing at first. I was so confused the first few times, but then you just start to get the hang of it.

I'm excited you guys are checking my blog! Jon hasn't made one yet. I'm trying to get him to but he procrastinates.

That's good you can't notice the Horizon change! I guess I've just gotten a really good eye for those things.

Thanks for the support gals!

carl said...

dad looked at your stuff looks good to me you need me to make up one of my storys and you animate it will have alot of fun may be it will be a big hit ha ha love you chua chua

Anita said...

Ya dad! That would be so fun to animate one of your stories. Thanks for checking out my blog! I love you!!!