Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gouache n' Stuff

These are some of my first attempts with guache. I'm really stoked on them!!

Each of the pieces took 30 minutes. I did them in my Life Drawing class. I wanted to make class a little more interesting this week because for some reason I wasn't really in the mood (which is rare), so I decided to try a new medium. The school has a few small tubes of limited colors buried in the bottom of the very small art supplies drawer and I dug them out and used them all class. At this rate I think the school is going to need to purchase some more paint!

What do you guys think?

ps. I hate guns but the model was holding one so I tried to incorperate it.

pps. sorry for the quality, they're just photographs.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chicken Shit

Oh ya, and here's one I dug up that I did a little while ago over breakfast at my mom's house. It currently resides on her refrigerator. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Doggies and Dames

I admit, I don't know who Clara Bow is, I assume she's an actress. I stumbled across a picture of her whilst I was looking up vintage clothing online, which led to old pictures of actresses and pin-ups, etc...and though she was super cute and would be fun to doodle.

As for the dogs, well, I'm trying to get into a canine frame of mind as my animation short that I am working on right now (which I will show you later) is based on a dog in his daydream. I just need to get more organized before I put up posts on my animation.

Kiraz is Kool-az

I hung out at the library last week and stumbled on this fashion illustration book that brought me to discover an amazing artist named Kiraz. I love his style and studied it,below.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Encouragement from a Hero

... You start drawing with your brain, but aim to draw from the heart. That doesn't happen instantly. You have to first absorb the knowledge slowly and then forget about it and let your pencil be guided by your subconscious. Not easy, and it hurts to go through the stiff period. A lot of lesser men give up during the stiff beginnings of learning something new and that's a dirty shame. Take the pain and shame like a man and get over it. You'll be so happy when your new knowledge becomes second nature. Otherwise you will be stuck, a slave to formula for life and unhappy, maybe even without knowing why. That pain and shame is essential to your progress. Embrace it. Kick the walls if you have to. But get back to the drawing board and force that stiff information into your head. Then lay awake nights obsessing over it. That's your tax for being gifted.

Written by: John K.