Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chicken Shit

Oh ya, and here's one I dug up that I did a little while ago over breakfast at my mom's house. It currently resides on her refrigerator. Enjoy!


Harriet said...

That is too funny. Your right it comes from the same place..uck lets not think about it.

I haven't forgotten about the drawings I want you to do. I haven't gone on the downstairs computer to find some pictures.

Love ya

cheryl said...

Anita...Harriet has a labtop now and she is NEVER downstairs on her old computer. She tossed it in the wind like a dirty piece of laundry. She has scads of pictures to pick from. I'm not so much the camera person, probably because I have a "shitty" camera.

Like the chicken pic...your are a freak...but a good freak!

Anita said...

No worries guys...I've always got things to keep me busy, as I'm sure you do too. That's awesome you got a laptop Harriet, I'm jealous!

Glad you enjoyed the piece of madness :)

Lots of Luv!