Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Encouragement from a Hero

... You start drawing with your brain, but aim to draw from the heart. That doesn't happen instantly. You have to first absorb the knowledge slowly and then forget about it and let your pencil be guided by your subconscious. Not easy, and it hurts to go through the stiff period. A lot of lesser men give up during the stiff beginnings of learning something new and that's a dirty shame. Take the pain and shame like a man and get over it. You'll be so happy when your new knowledge becomes second nature. Otherwise you will be stuck, a slave to formula for life and unhappy, maybe even without knowing why. That pain and shame is essential to your progress. Embrace it. Kick the walls if you have to. But get back to the drawing board and force that stiff information into your head. Then lay awake nights obsessing over it. That's your tax for being gifted.

Written by: John K.


harriet said...


Theres the answer to your being awake at night...gifted...we sure can see that you are.

judy said...

did not know that i had all this stuff and that i can make a comments.well i look at your art work and girl you are talented. i just love them all. the card one is cool and timmis love that one them all. well i to love timmis but i have to wait tell i got to smithers to get one. maybe that is a good thing. can wait to see more.i just used this one to make a comment. what i should have done is make a comment on each one. on tell the next one. lots of love

Anita said...

You guys are too awesome:)