Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This year's going to be good...

As my first post of the new year I am pleased to say that it is to do with an actual JOB! I'm illustrating for a kids book which tickles me pink in so many ways.

I've been really wanting this and I put the message out to the universe when I wrote down all my New Years resolutions on paper. I've never jumped on the resolution boat before but I really needed some personal improvements. I won't post the extensive list for you here but I will say that if you truly "believe" good things can happen, they will! Which is actually what this book is about:)

Here are some quick concepts for your viewing pleasures. Please critique.


Raul said...

Wow! Your work is fantastic!
Keep going! Those designs are wonderful.

patricia said...

cindy123Hi hon. this is the LPD lady. how are you coming with the story line and pic for it? Looking forward to the good weather and a visit to get us both in sink and moving forward.